What is a Special credit bureau?

The importance of personal finances at home is often overlooked, as people do not have great knowledge about these issues and spend without taking into account their net income. For this reason, when they are going to ask for a loan or a credit card, this application is denied without understanding why.

In order for this not to happen to you, it is important that you know your special credit bureau, also known as a special credit report; If you take this information into account, you will see that it will be much easier to apply for personal loans in the future. Know where all the information about your credit bureau report.

What is the special credit report?


The credit report gathers the history of the special credit bureau and the credit circle, creating a general document with all the financial information of a person. A person will appear on the special credit report as long as he acquires any financial product, including cards, personal loans, mortgages and credits of any kind.

If you request your credit report, the information will also appear on telephone, water and electricity services, so it is considered much more complete than the bureau report.

Keep in mind that the special credit report is your presentation to all financial institutions, whether they are online credit companies or traditional banks, they all review this report when approving a loan application, so be careful with all your Payments, take careful control over the report and do not let your name appears on the list of delinquents, as this will harm you in the future and the report may take time to disappear.

How do I know my free special credit report?

How do I know my free special credit report?

Although many do not know, you can do a free consultation of the buro special report, however, this can be done only once a year, but if you do not need to do it more often, with you keep an annual control of your special report, It is more than enough.

If, on the other hand, you need to check the special credit bureau more times a year, you will have to pay an amount, but it is not very high, and this varies depending on the delivery method you select for the special credit report.

There are 5 ways to make the special credit report request: by email, branch, through the call center, by courier or by fax; through the first three, the first annual consultation is totally free, but if you request it by courier it will cost $ 204 dollars and if you request it by fax, it will cost $ 53 dollars; the above for the bureau credit report.

For the credit circle, it works the same but the cost per courier is $ 190 dollars and $ 50 dollars per fax. If it is the second time in the year that you request the special credit report, prices vary between $ 34 dollars and $ 89 dollars.

How is the online application for the special credit report made?


Since email is the easiest way to obtain the report, we will take the steps to request the free credit report. It is very simple and will not take you more than 20 minutes.

  1. Go to the website of the Circle of Credit free special report.
  2. Click on the Special Credit Report button.
  3. Fill out the form on the page with your personal data.
  4. Inform if you have any loan, mortgage, credit, among others.
  5. Choose the payment method. If it is the first time in a year, it will be free and you will not be charged.

In this simple way, you will get your credit bureau request. With this document, you can observe all your history and take it with you when requesting money, or simply keep a more detailed record of your finances. On several occasions, people do not know how many interests they are paying or where certain payments come from, but, with the free credit bureau special report, you will know how you invest each dollar.

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