Free consultation of your special credit report in a circle of credit

If you have ever acquired any type of credit and are interested in acquiring another, you should be aware of what the credit circle is, since that is where your entire credit history resides.

It must be said that the credit circle is one of the two entities to fulfill this function. Both the credit circle and the credit bureau are Credit Information Societies.

These collect information from any financial institution that gives credits, transforming it into reports, which then, the same credit-granting companies analyze, and with respect to the financial history of each client, they make decisions. The credit bureau and credit circle fulfill the same function, but they are different institutions.

With an emphasis on the credit circle


You should know that any bank can refer there to assess your financial behavior and decide whether to grant you the special credit you need. However, you can also keep track of your credit movements. You can check your credit report for your special credit report for free every 12 months.

To make the request for a special credit report from the credit circle you can do it online personal consultation, and by clicking on the option Obtain credit circle report. When you buy it you will have your circle report to print.

The special credit report will be free only if you ask for it once a year. Keep in mind that the second credit circle inquiry will be charged. Via the Internet has a value of 34.20 dollars, while, by email, call center and branches is 82.20 dollars.

It is recommended to follow up on the special credit circle report every six months, but with your free annual special credit report, you also find all your credit information provided by the financial institutions that grant credit. So you see how you have paid for your services and what you currently have.

The credit circle updates your credit history permanently

The credit circle updates your credit history permanently

So when you do the credit circle consultation, you will be clear about all the movements you have made.

Although we know that it is a bit strange that a record of our credit activity is kept, appearing in the credit circle is an automatic registration that forges your path as a buyer and becomes your cover letter in banks and other financial institutions.

If you have a history of timely payments, the information in the credit circle builds your reputation, streamlines the loan application and keeps you updated and informed about your finances; which allows you to modify bad habits and avoid future complications, and, in addition, you prevent possible identity theft, by recognizing the credits that only you have requested.

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