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When you need money, a loan is ideal, the problem for people comes when they do not know who to request that amount or to which entity of the hundreds that are in the market because they do not know which is the best and with good interest rates.

For this reason, we will talk to you today about Good Credit, a company with years of experience, specialized in offering Good Credit loans, but also other financial products according to the needs of each client. If you are in urgent need of money and do not know where to request it, Good Credit is a good option and we will tell you why.

What Is Good Credit?

What Is Good Credit?

Good Credit is a financial institution, created in 2002, it is considered one of the largest banks in Mexico, as it has approximately 3000 points of sale and thousands of users, in addition, Good Credit is also in countries such as Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, and Honduras. Thanks to its association with the Good Finance group, Good Credit has been able to grow and offer more and more financial benefits.

Among the products offered by Good, Credit banking are personal loans, consumer credit, credit cards, group loans, loans and savings deposits. Even so, its star product is the Good Credit bank loans, because of its low-interest rates and payment options, it has become an excellent option for users. If you want to explore a little more about the trajectory of Good Credit.

Why apply for a loan Good Credit?


As we mentioned earlier, the Good Credit bank loans are very popular throughout Mexico and Central America, however, if there are a number of requirements that you must meet to be able to request a Good Credit bank credit, remember that they are often confused with Good Finance loans since Good Credit It is part of that business group.

The loans in Good Credit are very easy to take, however, before asking for money from any entity, you must be very clear about your financial situation, because if you do not return the Good Credit credit on time or in the defined terms, you can appear in the Bureau Credit in a negative way, affecting your score and the loans that you are going to ask for in the future, not only with Good Credit Mexico but with any other financial entity.

Therefore, check your financial situation well, think about how much money you need and for what; If it is an emergency, start with a small amount of money, if you return it on time, an Good Credit credit will be easier to obtain in the future. If it is a greater amount to go on vacation, take a cruise, do a diploma, fix the home or buy a car, it defines well if the income you have is enough to return that amount to the Good Credit Good Finance Bank.

How to apply for personal loans Good Credit?


There you can calculate your credit with your simulator, you just have to put the amount of money to request, between 2000 and 70,000 dollars, and the term you want to return it, the options are 13, 26, 39, 52, 65, 80 and 100 weeks Although if you cannot do the simulation as you wish, you can always contact the telephone number of Good Credit or you can go to their offices, just check what time they close the Good Credit bank.

Once you fill in the simulator data, click on Quote, and you will see the average of the weekly amount that you must pay if you request that Good Finance loan. Consider the information and also download the amortization table for free so that you have a clear interest in the loan.

The requirements to apply for Good Credit credit are:

  • Valid official ID IFE / INE or passport
  • Proof of address of no more than 3 months
  • A good credit history
  • Present collateral (It will depend on the client’s rating in the Credit Bureau).

Once you have all the requirements and information of the bank simulator Good, click on Request your Credit and there they will ask you to leave your data, including your phone number to communicate with you. There will always be a customer service agent willing to assist you and answer your questions.

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